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ACFW - American Christian Fiction Writers

Annual Conference
September 25 - 27, 2015
St. Louis, Missouri

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    SYLL 2015 ACFW Conference Syllabus $19.99

    Early Bird

    EB Special Writer’s Presentation
    Bob Mayer

    Post Conference Session

    PC Write It Forward (includes handout/presentation files) by Bob Mayer $80.00

    General Sessions

    GS 01 Thursday Keynote Address
    Bill Myers

    Spotlight Sessions

    Agent Panel #2 Sue Brower, Linda Glaz, Michelle Grajkowski, Julie Gwinn, Mary Keely, Jessica Kirkland, Chip MacGregor, Tamela Hancock Murray, and Les Stobbe $14.95
    SL 01 Abingdon $14.95
    SL 03 Guideposts $14.95
    SL 04 Harper Collins Christian Publishing $14.95
    SL 05 Harvest House Publishers $14.95
    SL 06 Howard Books $14.95
    SL 07 Love Inspired $14.95
    SL 08 Monarch Books and Lion Fiction at Lion Hudson $14.95
    SL 09 Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group $14.95
    SL 10 Tyndale Publishing $14.95
    SL 11 WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group $14.95
    SL 12 Whitaker House $14.95

    Continuing Education

    CE 01 Keys to Compelling Stories Level A $19.95
    CE 02 The Successful Series Level B $19.95
    CE 03 In-Depth Brainstorming/Story Equation Level B $19.95
    CE 04 The Irresistible Novel B/C $19.95
    CE 05 The Wildness of Writing with God Level A-D $19.95
    CE 06 Tricks Rich Indies Use Level C $19.95
    CE 07 Stress-Free Marketing Level C/D $19.95


    WS 01 The Plotting Puzzle Piecing Together Your Story Level A $14.95
    WS 02 26 Keys to Improved Craft Level B $14.95
    WS 03 Help Me, I Need an Agent!
    (And Help, I HAVE one!) Level B
    WS 04 Self Publishing Q&A Level B/C $14.95
    WS 05 The Basics of Contract Negotiation Level B $14.95
    WS 06 Taming the Social Media Beast Level C $14.95
    WS 07 Breaking Out of the Midlist Level D $14.95
    WS 08 Writing YA in the CBA Level A-D $14.95
    WS 09 The Suspense Writer’s Toolbox Level A-D $14.95
    WS 10 Historical Research Without the Headaches Level A-D $14.95
    WS 11 The Power of Story Question Level B $14.95
    WS 12 He Giggled? Level A-D $14.95
    WS 13 How to Write for ABA While Keeping Your CBA Values Level C/D $14.95
    WS 14 Writing is a Decision Level A $14.95
    WS 15 Don’t Paint By Numbers Level B $14.95
    WS 16 Working with Your Agent Level A/B $14.95
    WS 17 SHOW Me a Story
    Writing Cinematically Level B
    WS 18 Awkward Questions Level D $14.95
    WS 19 Pushing the Refresh Button on Your Career Level D $14.95
    WS 20 Reader-Focused Marketing: What's in it for THEM? Level D $14.95
    WS 21 Refining Your Novel Proposal Level B $14.95
    WS 22 The Changing Face of Christian Fiction Level C $14.95
    WS 23 Have a Rejected Book? We Can Give it New Life! Level B/C $14.95
    WS 24 All About Agents Level B/C $14.95
    WS 25 Your First Year: Dos, Don’ts & the Lines in Between Level B/C $14.95
    WS 26 Write From The Deep Level C/D $14.95
    WS 27 The Data Behind the Book: Metadata Primer Level C/D $14.95