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Course Level Definitions

As you review the Continuing Education Session and Workshop Elective options available for this year's Annual Conference, you will see that each class is marked with a Level. The Levels are a tool to help you determine which classes will be most beneficial FOR YOU.

Sessions are open to any conferee. However, conferees will benefit most by selecting workshops and Continuing Education sessions nearest their current skill level and experience as noted in the descriptions below:

Level Definitions

All Grades

    These sessions focus on the spiritual life of the writer, or such specifics as genres, social media, etc that would benefit all writers.


    These sessions will best benefit writers with some experience writing and little to no conference history.


    These sessions will best benefit novelists with moderate writing experience. The material will be presented for those writers making progress on a novel or novels. These classes will delve deeper into strengthening the elements of a good manuscript and proposal as well as help identify the areas a writer needs to improve to help advance his/her career.


    These sessions will best benefit novelists with significant writing experience, conference history, contest finals or wins, and editorial or agent interest. The material in these sessions will be beneficial to those authors who are published. In these classes you will learn the next step to publication as well as continue to strengthen your prose and publishing knowledge.


    Writers who are published or recently contracted will get the most from these classes. The material presented in these sessions are geared toward multi-published authors, career novelists. Classes will also cover organization, marketing, public relations and speaking, and the business side of writing.

Participation of an individual presenter, agent, editor, or publisher in the ACFW conference does not constitute endorsement by ACFW. Conference attendees are advised to use due diligence and take personal responsibility when choosing industry professionals with whom to schedule appointments or enter into agreement.