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Paid Critiques

For an additional fee of $45.00 (over and above Conference Registration Fees) you may opt to purchase critiques of your manuscript and/or synopsis and a fifteen-thirty minute critique session with the reviewer of your choice.

All submissions should follow standard manuscript formatting unless otherwise noted (Courier or Times New Roman font, 12 point font size, double spaced with 1-inch margins). You will be contacted and provided with instruction regarding your reviewer's preferred method of delivery. Submission must be received by the reviewer's deadline.

The Conference Appointment Coordinator, Casey Miller, will schedule your critique appointment. All times are CDT for the virtual conference.You will receive the date/time/location of your appointment prior to the virtual conference.

Adding a Paid Critique to your choice of additional options will be part of the Conference Registration process. Payment will be submitted along with Conference Registration Fees.

PLEASE NOTE: The Paid Critique service includes only ONE critique of the work submitted. Critiques of revised pages ARE NOT included and SHOULD NOT be requested from your reviewer.

Reviewers Available

Please read each reviewer's guidelines as they vary per submission length and entry deadline. On the Conference Registration Form, you will be asked to indicate a first and second choice, in the event your first choice is unavailable. Critiquers only have a limited number of slots available. Selection is done on a first come basis, so be sure to register early.

Participation of an individual presenter, agent, editor, or publisher in the ACFW conference does not constitute endorsement by ACFW. Conference attendees are advised to use due diligence and take personal responsibility when choosing industry professionals with whom to schedule appointments or enter into agreement.