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2022 Post Conference Session

Calm Your Heart &  Accelerate Your Creativity

Sunday, September 11, 2022 8:00 am - 11:00 am

To be a successful author, we’ve come to believe time is short and we’re behind. So we search for the magic formula for success as we burn the candle at both ends—from comparing daily word counts to being on social media 24/7. But it isn’t sustainable. We burn bright…only to burn out.

But we don’t need you exhausted. We need you present, rested, and creative. That’s how stories with an eternal spark are born.

Publishing veteran, writing coach, and creativity author Allen Arnold reveals a better way to approach the stories you’re writing and the Story you’re living. He’s helped thousands of authors in his roles as publisher, marketing executive, writing coach, and keynote speaker. Along the way, he’s discovered a counter-intuitive approach to increase creativity and reduce stress. In this session, he’ll show how to:

* follow the Genesis 1:1-3 path to pursuing your God-given creativity;

* free yourself from all the ways you’ve been stuck;

* rediscover your reason (it’s not what you think!) for being a writer;

* maximize your truest voice;

* gain greater clarity on what your readers want most; and

* benefit from the hidden connection between restoration and imagination.

So stay calm…and accelerate your creativity!

ALLEN ARNOLD is an author, speaker, and Executive Producer of Content for Wild at Heart—the ministry founded by New York Times bestselling author John Eldredge. His passion is awakening people’s hearts to actively pursue their dreams and creativity with God. As a former Fiction Publisher, he oversaw the launch of more than 500 novels—and has since mentored and presented to thousands of creatives as well as to staff members of at Grace and Lace (one of the top Shark Tank companies) and Dave Ramsey’s organization. He is the author of three acclaimed books (The Story of With, Chaos Can’t, and Waves of Creativity). He loves blue oceans, black coffee, hot salsa, and big ideas. Discover more at

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