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September 5th-8th, 2024
Hyatt Regency, New Orleans, Louisiana

We ask that you please take a moment to read through these brief instructions before completing an application.

Privacy Statement: Please note, all personally identifying information collected will only be used within our organization.

ACFW is pleased to offer the following compensation to those who are selected to teach a workshop at the conference:

The compensation for each selected one hour workshop is a flat honorarium of $200.00. (Does not include any other concessions) DEADLINE for applying to teach workshop(s) is November 30, 2023

The selection process should be concluded by January 30, 2024. All accepted applicants will be contacted no later than that date.

The following is a summary of information you will be required to submit during the teaching application process. Please be sure to have ALL information at your immediate disposal BEFORE proceeding (INCLUDING the session's handout):

Your name, address, daytime phone number, and email address.

A title for your session (50 character limit). Shorter is better.

The names of any other speakers who will be joining you, if the proposed session is a panel.

A one sentence summary of your session

A target teaching level description for your session, following ACFW's course rating system:


These sessions will best benefit writers with some experience writing and little to no conference history.


These sessions will best benefit writers with moderate experience. The material presented for those writers making progress on a novel or novels. These classes will delve deeper into strengthening the elements of a good manuscript and proposal as well as help identify the areas a writer needs to improve to help advance his/her career.


These sessions will best benefit writers with significant writing experience, conference history, contest finals or wins, and editorial or agent interest. The material in these sessions will be beneficial to those authors who are newly published or contracted. Benefit to these classes is strengthening publishing knowledge, as well as continuing to strengthen prose.


Authors who are published/multi-published will get the most from these sessions. The material presented in these sessions are geared toward career novelists. Classes cover organization, marketing, public relations, speaking, and the business side of writing.

300 word or less speaker biography

300 word or less outline of the proposed session

Attachments for session handouts (MUST--yes, MUST-- be included for application consideration):

Attachment files are limited to 500 kilobytes (512,000 bytes or .48828 megabytes) or less

ONLY these formats are able to be uploaded: .doc (MSWord), .rtf (Rich Text Format), .wpd (Word Perfect), .pdf (Adobe), .xls (MSExcel) and .txt (Plain Text) file types are allowed.