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2008 Genesis Winners


Chick lit/mom lit/lady lit 

1st: Erica Vetsch - Pam On Rye 

2nd: Lynda Schab - Mind Over Madi 

3rd: Tiffany Kinerson - Stand On My Own Two Hands

Contemporary Fiction 

1st: Dan Case - The Voice 

2nd: Christina Berry - Undiscovered 

3rd: Jim Rubart - Book of Days

Contemporary Romance 

1st: Annalisa Daughety - Love is a Battlefield 

2nd: Kathleen Haynes - The Quarterback Club 

3rd: Cara Slaughter - Joanna’s Treasure

Historical Fiction 

1st: Mona Hodgson - A Thimble’s Worth 

2nd: Rachel Moore - A Trail of Waves 

3rd: Lori Benton - Trouble the Water

Historical Romance 

1st: Patty Smith Hall - Flights of Freedom 

2nd: Karen Witemeyer - Cloud by Day 

3rd: Erica Vetsch - Marriage Masquerade


1st: Jane Thornton - Menace 

2nd Donna Alice Patton - Wrestling Demons 

3rd: Janice Olson - Don’t Look Back

Romantic Suspense 

1st: Jenness Walker - Deja Vu 

2nd: Dani Pettrey - Quest 

3rd (tie): Kelly Ann Riley - A Cowboy’s Prayer 

Jane Thornton - Be Anxious


1st: Chawna Schroeder - Metamorphosis 

2nd: Lynda K. Arndt - The Song of Blood and Stone 

3rd: Valerie Comer - The Girl Who Cried Squid

Women’s Fiction 

1st: Heather Goodman - 50 Things To Do Before I Turn 30 

2nd: Cynthia Ruchti - They Almost Always Come Home 

3rd: Kristian Tolle - When Autumn Comes

Young Adult 

1st: Carla Stewart - An Unexpected Journey 

2nd: Stefanie Morris - The Dragon of Delarest 

3rd: Kasey L. Heinly - Broken Glass