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ACFW - American Christian Fiction Writers

2007 Annual Conference

September 20 - 23, 2007

Dallas, Texas

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    General Sessions

    CW07-101 Editor and Agent Panels, Allen Arnold (Host) $9.95
    CW07-102 Thursday Keynote Address, James Scott Bell $9.95
    CW07-104 State of ACFW Address, Robin Miller FREE
    CW07-105 Saturday Keynote Address, James Scott Bell $9.95
    CW07-106 Sunday Closing Address, James Scott Bell $9.95

    Continuing Sessions

    CW07-107 Writing Women's Fiction/Contemporary Fiction (Part 1) $19.95
    CW07-108 Writing Women's Fiction/Contemporary Fiction (Part 2) $19.95
    CW07-109 Writing Women's Fiction/Contemporary Fiction (Part 3) $19.95
    CW07-110 Writing Women's Fiction/Contemporary Fiction (Part 4) $19.95
    CW07-111 Marketing Methods for The Mad Genius Writer (Part 1) $19.95
    CW07-112 Marketing Methods for The Mad Genius Writer (Part 2) $19.95
    CW07-113 Marketing Methods for The Mad Genius Writer (Part 3) $19.95
    CW07-114 Marketing Methods for The Mad Genius Writer (Part 4) $19.95
    CW07-115 Writing Historical Fiction (Part 1) $19.95
    CW07-116 Writing Historical Fiction (Part 2) $19.95
    CW07-117 Writing Historical Fiction (Part 3) $19.95
    CW07-118 Writing Historical Fiction (Part 4) $19.95
    CW07-119 The Suspense Thickens (Part 1) $19.95
    CW07-120 The Suspense Thickens (Part 2) $19.95
    CW07-121 The Suspense Thickens (Part 3) $19.95
    CW07-122 The Suspense Thickens (Part 4) $19.95
    CW07-123 Writing Lits (Part 1) $19.95
    CW07-124 Writing Lits (Part 2) $19.95
    CW07-125 Writing Lits (Part 3) $19.95
    CW07-126 Writing Lits (Part 4) $19.95


    CW07-127 Beyond He Said, She Said, Making Your Dialogue SIzzle $14.95
    CW07-128 Professionalism and Publishing $14.95
    CW07-129 Publicity: From Proposals to Pub Date $14.95
    CW07-130 Beyond Head Hopping $14.95
    CW07-131 Turning Rejection into Redirection $14.95
    CW07-132 How an Agent Can REALLY Help You Build a Career $14.95
    CW07-133 Science Fiction & Fantasy $14.95
    CW07-134 Down These Mean Streets: Writing Mystery (Part 1) $14.95
    CW07-135 Tax Tips (Part 1) $14.95
    CW07-136 Writing Young Adult $14.95
    CW07-137 Building to that Emotional Peak $14.95
    CW07-138 Birthing Characters $14.95
    CW07-139 Are You Ready to Propose? $14.95

    Workshops Cont'd

    CW07-140 Science Fiction & Fantasy $14.95
    CW07-141 Down These Mean Streets: Writing Mystery (Part 2) $14.95
    CW07-142 Tax Tips (Part 2) $14.95
    CW07-143 Marking Young Adult $14.95
    CW07-144 Layering for Depth $14.95
    CW07-145 Common Writing Problems $14.95
    CW07-146 A Hero is Like an Onion $14.95
    CW07-147 300 Pages in 30 Days $14.95
    CW07-148 The 10 K's of a Good Book or How to Earn 10K on Your Next One $14.95
    CW07-149 Switching to Full-Time $14.95
    CW07-150 The Flip Side of Fiction $14.95
    CW07-151 Dissecting a Novel $14.95
    CW07-152 Writing Mistakes You Can't Afford to Make $14.95
    CW07-153 Query & Synopsis $14.95
    CW07-154 I've Got a Bite! How to hook a Reader $14.95
    CW07-155 Contracts $14.95
    CW07-156 Behind the Scenes: What Happens to a Book $14.95
    CW07-157 The Tipping Point: Titles & Taglines $14.95
    CW07-158 Plots that Dance $14.95
    CW07-159 You Had Me at Hello $14.95
    CW07-160 Getting Noticed in a Saturated Market $14.95
    CW07-161 Genre Trends $14.95
    CW07-162 An Inside Look at Barbour $14.95
    CW07-163 CBA v. ABA $14.95
    CW07-164 Building the Author/Editor Relationship $14.95
    CW07-165 Slaying Seven Deadly Publishing Myths that Can Snare Christian Novelists $14.95
    CW07-166 Speaking & Writing $14.95
    CW07-167 I've Got a Contract, Now What? $14.95
    CW07-168 Why We Write for Steeple Hill $14.95
    CW07-169 Critiquing $14.95
    CW07-170 Brainstorming Blitz $14.95