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Our Mission Statement

ACFW’s mission is to help you tell your stories by inspiring you to partner with God in the creative process, learn the craft, and find your audience.

Membership in ACFW definitely has its benefits. Just a few are listed below:

For Everyone

  • Subscriptions to ACFW private email loops and Facebook pages
  • Critique groups
  • Exclusive online writing courses (in ACFW, there is no charge for these monthly online courses)
  • Novel Track: Writing and Novel Track: Editing (month-long intensives)
  • Member rates for the annual ACFW national conference
  • Local chapters and regional zone groups
  • Webinars
  • ACFW Book Club
  • Resources, tips, and archives on the ACFW members-only site

For Published Authors

  • Free announcements of new & upcoming books and appearances
  • Author interviews posted online on Fiction Finder.
  • Eligibility for member rate discount to enter ACFW’s Carol Awards for novels published in the previous calendar year
  • Teaching and mentoring opportunities
  • Industry news and marketing tips
  • Connection with readers who are authors
  • Best of all, you become a member of a large family of Christian writers like yourself!

Membership is $75 to join, and $49 annually thereafter as of February 1, 2019.

Common Questions

I’m not published yet. Do I belong in ACFW?

Many of our members are unpublished, but are working TOWARD publication. You’re welcome here. You will find training in fiction writing and information about the Christian fiction industry that will help you reach the Lord’s goals for your writing. Note that His goals may or may not include publication, but we will work with you, encourage you, and pray for you while you find out

I write non-fiction exclusively. Do I belong in ACFW?

Although some of our members write both fiction and non-fiction, almost everything ACFW does is geared toward the novelist and the Christian fiction market. Good writing principles carry over into both “camps,” and using fiction techniques brings new life to non-fiction. But unless you write fiction, you may find it more beneficial to join one of the organizations that addresses non-fiction writing, publishing, and markets. Whatever you decide, you’ll want to note that discussion on the loop needs to stay focused on fiction writing topics.

I just want to promote my book here. Do I belong in ACFW?

Our primary objectives are training writers, educating them in Christian fiction and its markets, and serving as an advocate in the Christian fiction industry. Promotion of our authors is not a key function but a great byproduct of the relationships made within ACFW. The connections you make here—as well as the opportunities for enlisting book reviewers and getting your book considered for New Releases and our Author lists on the website—will help get the word out to other authors and the readers who frequent our website and our sister site— Your strongest promotional endeavors will come from other sources than ACFW. However, education ABOUT promotion and marketing is one of our strong suits. Sharing information about promotional opportunities happens all the time within ACFW.

I’m self-published. Do I belong in ACFW?

ACFW’s mission and vision are to prepare novelists for success in publishing, helping our members strive for excellence in the craft and develop skills that will help their books attract the attention of CBA publishers or equip them well for independent publishing options. From the beginning, ACFW has sought to prepare authors and their books for acceptance by CBA publishers. But as the market changes, ACFW sees the need to guide writers through whatever publishing path they choose, helping them to make wise choices, become aware of the pros and cons of various publishing options, and above all, write great stories with potential to reach readers. As you take advantage of the wealth of knowledge and information in our craft-training classes, our website archives, and our main and specific genre loops, you will grow in your craft and become even more skilled at the kind of writing the Lord has designed for you, no matter what type of publication outreach He has in mind specifically for you.

I’m under 18. Do I qualify for ACFW membership?

Teen members over the age of 14 are welcome to join ACFW. Our policy is that your parent will be notified when you input the membership application. This does not change the conference age requirement.

I’m multi-published and have a strong marketing team, a great agent, and more contracts than I can manage. Do I belong in ACFW?

Do you need to know that other writers understand your challenges? Do you appreciate the encouragement of those who are blessed by what you write? If you are multi-published, you no doubt have learned the secret—that a writer can never stop learning. Just as a prolific author always digs into (or back into) a craft classic, he or she can benefit from fresh ways of looking at subjects like POV, deepening emotion, writer’s block, character motivations… Or you may find your greatest joy in ACFW membership is the opportunity to help other writers over the hurdles you conquered long ago, or in some aspect of mentoring through your knowledgeable answers to the main loop. You’ll find camaraderie with other multi-published authors and opportunity to assist the yet-to-be-published in their writing journey.

ACFW is always working to expand and enhance what we offer to both the newcomer and the veteran novelist. We understand we can’t meet every need, nor can we fully focus on every aspect of fiction that deserves attention. But if you’re serious about writing great novels, this is where you belong!

Does this sound like an organization that will benefit your writing career? Visit our easy online application and become a member of the premier online community of Christian novelists!