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2009 Flash Drive Order

ACFW - American Christian Fiction Writers

2009 Annual Conference
September 16 - 20, 2009
Denver, Colorado


All conference recordings* for $99.00 + $10.00 shipping and handling within the U.S.

*All sessions listed may not be included because of cancellations or technical difficulties *If you experience any issue with your flash drive, please contact:


To purchase individual sessions as downloadable MP3 files or the conference syllabus, please click here.


General Sessions

GS 01 Opening Keynote Address, Debbie Macomber
GS 02 Friday Keynote Address, Debbie Macomber
GS 03 Closing Keynote Address, Debbie Macomber

Continuing Education

CE 01AB Foundational Basics
CE 02AB Piecing Together the Novel into a Salable Product
CE 03AB Pinpoint, Diagnose and Heal the Broken Places
CE 04A The University of Fiction "5-Hour Degree"
CE 05AB Screenwriting and the Novelist


WS 01 Understanding the Publishing Process
WS 02 Ideas & Inspiration
WS 03 Deepening Characterization
WS 04 The Future Of Publishing
WS 05 Male POV

Workshops (Cont'd)

WS 06 Profiling Characters
WS 07 Tension & Conflict
WS 08 Working with Your Agent
WS 09 Author Advances: A Publisher’s Prospective
WS 10 Plots that Dance
WS 11 See It, Smell It, Taste It, Feel It, Hear It
WS 12 Medical Details In Your Fiction: Get Them In, But Get Them Right
WS 13 Marketing 101-401 in 45 Minutes: A crash course on essential marketing skills
WS 14 Working with Your Publishing Partner
WS 15 Passing the Publishing Torch
WS 16 Sin + Virtue = Bestseller
WS 17 Hero & Heroine Journeys
WS 18 Building a Readership
WS 19 Writing Press Releases & Web Copy for Promotion
WS 20 Plot out Characters

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