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2024 Virtual Conference Recordings

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  • WS 01: Writing Real History in a Cancel Culture World presented by Tamera Alexander - Tamera shares practical lessons and inspiring insights she's learned through her 20-year writing career.
  • WS 02: How to use AI as an Assistant presented by Michelle Stimpson - In this hands-on workshop, multi-published author Michelle Stimpson walks you through some innovative, AI-based tools and prompts to help structure your narrative, create compelling characters, and map out your storyline with clarity and purpose.

  • WS 04: The Skeletor Theory: Goodbye Plotting and Seat-of-the-Pants Writing presented by Jaime Jo Wright - How do you organize plot ideas, provide structure, but also give your imagination free reign to go wherever it will. It's called the "Skeletor Theory." Come to Jaime Jo's writing morgue as she autopsies the story and how to write efficiently but without constraints.

  • WS 05: How to Use Body Language to Create Unforgettable Characters presented by Tara Johnson - Understanding body language, micro-expressions, and posture is the ultimate way to "show and not tell." This workshop teaches the student how to use universal body language to give their characters rich emotion, as well as teach how to spot deception and bumps in verbal language that reveal inner motive. This class uses examples from real life, including transcripts and videos from confessed serial killers and public figures.

  • WS 06: What to do When Two Worlds Collide: Managing Writing and Publicity Joyfully! presented by Jeane Burgess - In this workshop, Jeane introduces her PIE principle, and why publicity still matters. She will share some of the tips she has learned and share what an author must do and where you can have some margin in your writing-marketing world.

  • WS 07: My Journey from Traditional to Indie Publishing presented by Robin Lee Hatcher - Over 38+ years, Robin Lee Hatcher wrote books for eleven different publishers. In early 2022, she made the decision to go indie. Robin Lee shares her journey into the indie publishing world and what she's learned thus far.

  • WS 08: Writing a Killer Proposal and Query Letter presented by Tricia Goyer - Tricia discusses writing a killer proposal and query letter to grab the attention of agents and editors alike.

  • WS 09: Swoony in the Sweet presented by Jenny B. Jones - Sweet romance can (and should) still bring the heat. Learn how to use conflict, tropes, grand gestures, and other romance must-haves to make your fictional couple sizzle and stay in the heart and mind of your reader long after the last page is read.

  • WS 10: Blogging to Reach the World presented by Janice Thompson - Whether you’re working with the blog on your author website or a niche blog, this course will help you fine-tune your categories, develop themes, create posts, and market them using SEO strategies.

  • WS 11: You're Out of Line! Tips for Non-Linear Thinkers to Finish that Draft presented by Dana R. Lynn - Have you ever sat down to write and realized you couldn’t write chapter four because all you could envision was how the book ended? You may be a non-linear writer. Dana R. Lynn started using this method by accident when she grew frustrated while writing her first book. Since then, she has crafted over thirty novels and novellas by this non-linear approach. In this workshop, Dana will share her tips and tricks to writing what she calls “out of line” and connecting all the threads so you can finish that first draft.

  • WS 12: How to Attract Book Clubs to You and Your Book presented by DiAnn Mills - Writers are magnets for book clubs, but what are the tips to draw them to writers and the books? How does a writer entice the book club and ensure the experience is over the top fabulous? This workshop shows tried and true methods that I’ve used for over twenty years to find and keep book clubs returning for more.

  • WS 13: Navigating Book Publicity in the Digital Age presented by Debbie Lykins - Book publicity is one of the most vital pieces of launching a book and building its visibility in the marketplace. It should be a part of every author and publisher’s plan well before the book is written. This session will focus on generating publicity in today’s market, the role and impact of social media, and the many facets of communicating in today’s PR landscape with tweets, posts and personalized emails.

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