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2011 Flash Drive Order

ACFW - American Christian Fiction Writers

Annual Conference
September 22 - 25, 2011
St. Louis, Missouri


All conference recordings* for $149.95 + $10.00 shipping and handling within the U.S.

*All sessions listed may not be included because of cancellations or technical difficulties *If you experience any issue with your flash drive, please contact:


To purchase individual sessions as downloadable MP3 files or the conference syllabus, please click here.


General Sessions

GS 01 Thursday Keynote Address, Tracie Peterson
GS 02 Friday Keynote Address, Tracie Peterson
GS 03 State of ACFW Address, Margaret Daley

Spotlight Sessions

Spotlight 01 Abingdon Press
Spotlight 02 B&H Publishing Group
Spotlight 03 Barbour Publishing, Inc.
Spotlight 04 Bethany House Publishers.
Spotlight 05 Guideposts/Summerside Press
Spotlight 06 Harvest House Publishers
Spotlight 07 Love Inspired
Spotlight 08 Marcher Lord Press
Spotlight 09 Revell Books
Spotlight 10 Thomas Nelson Fiction
Spotlight 11 Zondervan

Continuing Education

CE 01 How to Write a Bestseller! Level A
CE 02 The Snowflake Method Level B
CE 03 Plot Versus Character: Build Your Hero, Then Craft Your Plot Around the Hero Level C
CE 04 Sometimes It’s Better To Tell Than Show Level D
CE 05 The Hero’s Path Level E


WS 01 Historical Research: Enrich and Deepen Your Story
WS 02 Fried Brains & Ham: Unclogging that Writer's Block
WS 03 Plotting Your Fiction Career: Twelve Steps to Becoming a Successful Novelist
WS 04 Adversity: Writing It, Writing Through It, Writing About It
WS 05 Christian Fiction Unplugged
WS 06 A Kiss is NOT Just a Kiss
WS 07 There’s Nothing Wrong With You! Seat-of-the-Pants Writing with Confidence
WS 08 Research: Ins and Outs of Making a Book Come to Life
WS 09 Book Therapy Live
WS 10 How To Write an Award-Winning Book
WS 11 Blogging, Branding, Marketing, and Publicity
WS 12 Using Christian Fiction to Reach Unbelievers
WS 13 A Merry Heart: Writing and Selling the Humorous Novel
WS 14 Romantic Suspense: The Vise, the Rachet and the Hammer-Suspense so Good it Hurts
WS 15 Medical Mayhem: Strategies to Accurately Depict Medical Fact in Fiction
WS 16 Rejection: The Key To Your Success
WS 17 Working the Muddle Out of Your Middle
WS 18 Writing For Today’s Tweens
WS 19 Do’s and Don’t’s of Dialogue
WS 20 Author Branding
WS 21 Understanding E-Books
WS 22 Focus on Description
WS 23 RED ALERT: When To Contact Your Agent
WS 24 Do You Love Your Readers? A Challenge for Published Authors
WS 25 Working With Your Agent
WS 26 Media Training
WS 27 All Glammed Up!
WS 28 Career Tracking
WS 29 Nitty Gritty POV: The Down and Dirty of Getting it Right
WS 30 Deciphering A Publishing Contract

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