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Continuing Education

As part of your conference registration options, you will be given the choice of one FRIDAY AFTERNOON Session for your Continuing Education Track.

IMPORTANT NOTE You are encouraged to study the sessions carefully before registering. In an effort to be as environmentally responsible as possible, handouts for sessions will not be available onsite. You’ll receive handouts for your sessions via email the week prior to conference. If you purchase the complete syllabus, that electronic syllabus will be included in your registration packet.

Track -  CE 01

    Title: CE 01: Writing Historical Fiction that Appeals to the MODERN Reader
    Presented by: Jody Hedlund
    Description -

    Best-selling and award-winning author Jody Hedund writes and publishes multiple historical novels a year. With her prolific output, some say she is slightly insane. Others insist she simply never sleeps. A handful believe she has a secret room of elves who ghostwrite for her. 

    This workshop will hopefully prove Jody is still in her right mind, gets a decent amount of sleep, and pens all her own novels. For those curious how Jody manages to research and write historicals that appeal to the modern reader and do so in a way that streamlines the process, then this workshop is for you! 

    Goals of the workshop:

    Discover the kind of historical reading experience the modern reader is looking for.
    Learn tricks for brainstorming ideas in order to have way more than you can use.
    Simplify the research process to allow extra time for the actual writing.
    Craft the story with easy-to-use techniques.
    Create toe-curling romantic tension that is still appropriate in a historical context.
    Increase production and output while maintaining quality content.

    Workshop Outline -

    Information Video:-

Track -  CE 02

    Title: CE 02: How to Write REAL Romances
    Presented by: Beth Vogt
    Description -

    Readers love romances, so let’s encourage each other to improve our craft and write our best stories. In this interactive workshop, award-winning author Beth K. Vogt delves into four key storytelling elements to help you write REAL romances. We’ll discuss both your main and subplot characters, as well as weaving in emotion and your spiritual thread.

    Workshop Outline -

    Information Video:-

Track -  CE 03

    Title: CE 03: Writing in the Romantic Suspense/Thriller/Suspense/Mystery Genres:
    Presented by: Lynette Eason
    Description -

    Have you always wanted to write a story that kept your readers so engrossed they were willing to give up sleep to find out what happened? Then come join me as I share the tips and tricks I’ve learned over the past fifteen years so you can do the same.  Three hours will give us the opportunity to deep dive into a multitude of topics. Also, come prepared for some hands-on activities that will help strengthen your storytelling skills and keeping your readers begging for more.

    Workshop Outline -

    Information Video:-

Track -  CE 04

    Title: CE 04: Fiction Techniques for the Nonfiction Writer
    Presented by: Tricia Goyer
    Description -

    Are you writing a memoir or including personal experiences in your book? Then this workshop is for you. Discover the most effective way to tell your truth so that you bring out the best in your book. You will learn how to add storytelling elements to your nonfiction work so that your readers will engage at a deeper level and keep turning until the last page.

    Workshop Outline -

    Information Video:-

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